Project 1: Redefining the Image + medium post

Overall Image:

From park insurance site link(

Photography is used to capture a single moment in our constantly changing world. Photographers choose to take pictures for a variety of different reasons: to document, to create art and to record memories and important events. However, no single instance in time is ever truly identical to the next. New discoveries, ideas and identities emerge with each passing second. Photography reflects these changes through expression, delivery and impact. Photography can be used to represent time, life and reality as art. For my overall image, I chose a picture of melting snow. This represents how our world is in constant flux and how change and growth can be captured through pictures.

The Thing Itself:

From Scientific American Link(

This picture is aimed at capturing a single object. Szarkowski describes the “thing itself” as photography that deals with the actual. This picture plainly captures a clear subject.

The Detail:

From National Geographic Link(

This photo focuses on capturing the intricate designs within the walls of the ice cave. The blue water is also highly detailed. Overall, this photo captures the beauty of the natural world through detail.

The Frame:

From the New York Times Link(

The door in this picture frames the landscape beyond. The square doorway draws the reader into the image by creating a frame around the open horizon.


From Secret New York City blog link(

This is a picture of Times Square on New Years Eve 2019 when the clock struck midnight. This picture essentially captures the celebration of time. In Szarkowski’s words it describes a “discrete parcel of time.”

Vantage point:

From Road Untraveled blog link(

This picture shows the Space Needle from the vantage point of someone viewing it from the ground. This image shows how large the Space Needle is by illustrating what it looks like to stand below it.

Photograph without a Camera:

This is an image of my hand on a fluffy blue blanket that I have. My hand left an imprint on the fabric that captures the outline of what my palm looks like. It is essentially a photograph because it captures the “thing itself” as well as “time.” It shows an instance of time in which my hand left a mark on the blanket — it is a visual representation of a single moment. It also represents the “thing itself” by creating an image that clearly resembles my hand. From Szarkowski’s categories I learned that the definition of a photograph can be fluid. Any sort of image (or imprint) that captures an object, feeling or idea embodies the essence of a photograph.



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